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National Restaurant Golden Globe *****

It is an exclusive gourmet restaurant in the heart of Marienbad, just a few steps away from the well known singing fountain and colonnade. The restaurant has a long-time tradition, its original and stylish interiors offers the guests pleasant environment, a great cuisine and professional approach. Under the direction of an experienced chef we avoid the use of semi-finished products, frozen vegetables, artificial flavorings and colorings. We work just with fresh herbs, quality oils, spices with no added salt or glutamate and with products of the highest quality and freshness. The restaurant is also renowed for frequent visits of celebrities from all around the world.

National Restaurant Golden Globe *****

Offers its guests clean and comfortable enviroment with a touch of luxury, a friendly and professional staff, a wide selection of alcohol, a special collection of wines, teas and mineral waters, especially gourmet dishes and delicacies. Our guests can also enjoy the VIP lounge and for the youngest visitors there are adjustable leather seats.


The tradition of the contemporary restaurant „Golden Globe“ comes from the tradition of the house with the same name. The house was built on a swamp in the forest and it was the first stone object in the town. It was built in 1807, one year before the official foundation of the Marienbad as a settlement (the city got the status „town“ in 1818). In that time the House served as a guesthouse with overnight options for pilgrims, who used the therapeutic effects of only a few meters away famous source – Cross wellspring. Today´s luxurious house, which is directly adjacent to the main spa colonnade, is, and always has been property of the Premonstrates order from Tepla, which has contributed to the emergence and flourishing of the youngest czech spa.

The restaurant with its interior and decoration reminds of the time of the famous spa era. The atmosphere helps not just the „age“ of the building but also vaulted ceilings, original wood beams, contemporary furniture, countless historical objects, contemporary engravings, but even paintings, candlesticks, clocks etc.


The current version of the national restaurant „Golden Globe“ goes back to the year 1996, when the historical premises of the oldest building in town alive with the bustle of modern new adventure gastronomy.The gastronomy which is a mix from present worlds developers but with the preservation of czech traditions. You can find here foods of all kinds of meats, wide range of fresh game from the nearby Slavkovsky wood, saltwater and freshwater fishes, shrimps and seafood, real russian caviar, New Zeland lamb, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and last, but not least, its own source of more than 40 kinds always fresh fragrant herbs. This all forms the framework of satisfied local and foreign guests.

Equal attention is paid to the offer of original local and foreign wines. We have a collection of more than 60 kinds of brands of wine from traditional Moravian growers to French, Italian and Spain wines and to the popular wines from the „third world“ – Australia, New Zeland, Chile and California.

Also worth mentioning is the unusual background music, which each day are making the concert masters. With their great music on violin and piano they evoke a wonderfull atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy local foods and drinks.

Major Awards

1999 – Cental Europe´s Top 200 Restaurant (from Austrian agency SZIPIN QUIDE)

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 – Gurman Top Czech restaurant (GURMÁN)

2002 – Years of Czech Cuisine – Top 80 restaurants (ČCCR)

2003 – from the prestigious yearbook GURMAN – Restaurant of the year 2003 in Czech republic

Restaurant offers czech and foreign kitchen.

Number of seats – max. 50 including the V. I. P. lounge

Reservation are accepted on the phone 00420 354 624 455. But you can also make a reservation through email.

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With us you will experience gourmet and sommelier experience in a unique atmosphere. We look forward to your visit.